[TYPO3-english] mailformplus - Save to DB issues

Adam Harvie aharvie at msf.ca
Thu Feb 19 18:47:51 CET 2009

Hi all,

We've got an application form implemented in mailformplus. I'm trying to 
save the data from the form into an existing DB table, but the data is 
never showing up in the DB. (The email from the form sends successfully, 
and it saves in the mailformplus tables.)

Is there a way to get debug info from the extension? I'd like to know 
whether there's an error being thrown back.

Relevant TS setup is below, but the fields are cut down, since there's 
about 200 of them.


/* begin TS */

plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.saveDB = 1

plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.saveDB {

   useDifferentDB = 1

   useDifferentDB {

     driver = mysql

     host = /*cut*/

     port = /*cut*/

     user = /*cut*/

     password = /*cut*/

     db = /*cut*/

     table = applications

     saveFields = L, previousApplication, /*many fields cut*/ cvFile, 


   dbTable = applications

   dbkey = id

   fields {

     	L.mapping = language
	previousApplication.mapping = previousApp

	/* many fields cut */	
	cvFile.mapping = cvFile
	letterFile.mapping = letterFile

   specialMapping = 1

   saveDB.specialMapping.sub_datetime = applicationDate


/* end TS */

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