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piet roorda pietroorda at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 14:42:14 CET 2009

.. nice job.
Maybe it is an idea to close the fileadmin to the public.;-)

I think with that many readers someone might be tempted to download
some of these great AP images

As a photographer I think you have the moral obligation to protect
copyrigh material in a more serious way,

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 9:59 PM, stefano cecere <scecere at krur.com> wrote:
> thanks for the hints, Dan!
> i think those exts and your patch do really make a difference.
> looking forward to integrate everything in tt_news 3.0!
> note. lately i see more and more big and advanced TYPO3 websites! great!!
> stefano
> Dan Osipov wrote:
>> The choice was mainly for the flexibility of TYPO3 core, and not
>> necessarily tt_news. We did modify tt_news to get better performance out
>> of it, and I described my changes in the blog:
>> http://danosipov.com/blog/?p=21
>> We also used a combination of ttnewscache & ttnewscache_clearlike to
>> minimize cache clearing when new stories are posted (which happens quite
>> often).
>> Dan Osipov
>> Calkins Media
>> http://danosipov.com/blog/
>> stefano cecere wrote:
>>> Great work Dan!
>>> can you explain a bit how you choose the TYPO3/tt_news combo for a
>>> news portal?
>>> since tt_news has still some limitations! did you do anything
>>> "esoteric" for performance tuning?
>>> i ask you also because we are building the international website for
>>> the worl march for peace and nonviolence:
>>> http://www.theworldmarch.org
>>> and we are going to put in there (with really "open source"
>>> development) all typo3 best practices!
>>> (a good thing for the whole World, but also for the TYPO3 community i
>>> guess!)
>>> ciao
>>> stefano
>>> Dan Osipov wrote:
>>>> I am proud to announce that Phillyburbs.com has completed its
>>>> transition to TYPO3 as the primary CMS. Phillyburbs.com is one of the
>>>> leading news sites in the Philadelphia, PA area, attracting over 15
>>>> million monthly visitors.
>>>> The process to migrate the CMS began over a year and a half ago, and
>>>> after analyzing potential candidates for the CMS, TYPO3 was chosen as
>>>> one that offers the greatest flexibility for our future development.
>>>> Development began after that, rebuilding the site functionality from
>>>> scratch. A month ago we began the migration, and as of yesterday most
>>>> critical issues have been resolved.
>>>> I want to sincerely thank the entire TYPO3 community for helping us
>>>> every step of the way as we learned the basics of the system, all the
>>>> way through migration. We look forward to years of collaboration as
>>>> we work with the system.
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