[TYPO3-english] mm_forum indexed_search

Dragan Bocevski d_bocevski at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 19:57:10 CET 2009

H i all. Has anybody have an experience with searching through mm_forum posts using the standard indexed_search?  
 I've set up a proper indexing configuration, and the crawler crawles the pages containing the posts, but indexing does not occur. I suppose, mm_forum has disabled caching. 
 I've checked mm_forum's typoscript configuration and I see 
plugin.tx_mmforum_pi1 = USER_INT

I tried to change USER_INT to USER, but mm_forum starts to act weird, i.e. doesn't follow links as it should.

 So my question is .. Is there a way to search through the mm_forum posts using standard indexed_search?

I'm aware that mm_forum has it's own search, but unfortunatelly, it doesn't search through the forum attachments.



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