[TYPO3-english] A way to authenticate Typo3-Users/Admins via SSH

Steffen Ritter info at rs-websystems.de
Wed Feb 18 14:07:33 CET 2009

Hi Dmitry

Dmitry Dulepov:
  > My head starts to smoke ;) Even if this all is possible, is it worth 
doing? I afraid it will be too complex to be stable.
Definite NO ;) He just wanted to know if it's possible...

But i don't know how easy to use is the existing ldap, if the extensions 
work, an stunnel to another machine is the easiest and best way to secure.

Especially for extracting db to another server it's a good Way. You only 
allow local connections to database server. Webservers will have 
stunnel. Best case I think. No loss of performance. Transparent. Since 
TYPO3 / mysql-client even don't get to know about it (if your tunnel is 
on same port).


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