[TYPO3-english] access database from a different page + ext development

Filype Pereira filype at ocular.co.nz
Wed Feb 18 04:31:43 CET 2009

Hi all,

I need to access the database using the login, password from typo3 in  
my class.

Example: $sql_products = $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->exec_SELECTquery(
				'tx_mshop_products_categories_mm pc, tx_mshop_products p',
				'p.uid = pc.uid_local and pc.uid_foreign = 9', '', '', '');

I can use the code above on a page p1/class.tx_testext_pi1.php but  
not on my page that i started on pi1/class.product.php.

I would appreciate any help.


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