[TYPO3-english] making new extension

Leen Strijk leenstrijk at tomaatnet.nl
Tue Feb 17 12:43:44 CET 2009

Dmitry Dulepov schreef:
> Hi!
> Leen Strijk wrote:
>> I am making an extension (am following instruction video) and am at the
>> part where the pictures must get small in the listview.
>> For this i must put:
>>     picturesCObject = IMAGE
>>     picturesCObject.file.maxW = 100
>> in the setup.txt file
>> All is going well until i doe this. Result is the picture is not showing
>> at all.
> If you just put it to setup.txt, it is not going to work. Who is going to process this TypoScript?

I don't understand.
I put it in setup.txt uploaded it and cleared the cache exactly as in 
the movie fepi_5_rendering _the_image from the documantation.
The code is shown in the typoscript objectbrowser.

my code in the pi1 class is :

	case "pictures";
	$imgTSConfig = $this->conf['picturesCObject'];
	return $this->cObj->IMAGE($imgTSConfig);

Without the code in the setup.txt, or the setup template the pic is shown.
But with the code
      picturesCObject = IMAGE
      picturesCObject.file.maxW = 100
It disapears.

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