[TYPO3-english] Do not understand RealURL translation [SOLVED]

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Sun Feb 15 09:58:16 CET 2009

Let's go a bit further, I think it may be useful for others too...

> Trying to speaking aloud...
>> My RealURL conf reads:
>> array(
>>       'GETvar'   => 'L',
>>       'valueMap' => array(
>>             'de' => '1',
>>             'fr' => '2',
>>             'it' => '3',
>>             'en' => '4',
>>       ),
>>       'valueDefault' => 'fr',
>> ),
> Indeed (and that's the way it should work btw), the mapping of 'fr' is 
> taken when generating links, leading to use '2' instead of default '0'. 
> This means that I should dynamically remove the fr mapping when French 
> is my default language.

valueDefault in my configuration is not arbitrarily set to "fr" but it 
reads '{DYNAMIC}' to show that it will be change during page generation. 
As my website as different default languages, I cannot set it to one of 
them in my configuration. As such I added a TS option in config to 
define the current default language:

config.defaultLanguage = fr

and then I XCLASSed realurl:

class ux_tx_realurl extends tx_realurl {
	function encodeSpURL(&$params, &$ref) {
     		// Set the default language to be used for sys_language_uid = 0
		$defaultLanguage = 
= $defaultLanguage;

			// Encode the URL
		parent::encodeSpURL($params, $ref);

With this in place, when generating a "French" URL with default language 
set to 'fr', I get the '/fr/' prefix for my URL.

The problem I had is that when decoding back the URL, decodeSpURL() 
should be extended too to actually unset the map 'fr' => '2' which will 
lead to setting the L parameter to 0 and not to 2. To do this I added 
code below to my XCLASS class:

	function decodeSpURL($params, &$ref) {

		parent::decodeSpURL($params, $ref);

The point is that I cannot access the config defaultLanguage at this 
point, it is not available (or I did not find it).

Hence, I *cannot* unset the default language mapping dynamically and as 
such I have to find another way. The other way is easy: do not prepend 
'/fr/' to my URL when default language is French. This means that I 
should not set 'valueDefault' to any value but should use 'noMatch' => 
'bypass' instead. My final config now reads:

	'GETvar'   => 'L',
		'valueMap' => array(
			'de' => '1',
			'fr' => '2',
			'it' => '3',
			'en' => '4',
		'noMatch' => 'bypass'

and there's no need to XCLASS realurl anymore.

Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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