[TYPO3-english] ie7 login fails after windows updates KB961260 & KB960715

Thomas Meixner tmeixner at avecstyle.ca
Fri Feb 13 07:29:35 CET 2009

Hi Markr,

 > Currently my workaround recommendation is to switch to
 > ff/safari/chrome!

A good recommendation for any case at least in my books :-) - but jokes 
aside. I have experienced glitches with random disconnections after 
upgrading to 4.2.6. Sometimes it is not possible to connect a FE user 
unless I delete the cookies and authenticated sessions (FF 3.0.4). what 
happens if you clear sessions/cookies/userdata in IE7?


Mark D. Roemermann wrote:
> Hi all, 
> we're running typo3 4.1.10 on a shared host, and since tuesday have had problems with frontend users with ie7 (xp & vista) logging into our front end website (old site using newlogin extension).  
> They type in their username and password, press the login button and get dumped back at the same page without even a message saying the login failed.  cookies, javascript and the usual suspects all are enabled.  and things work fine for other browsers. 
> Removing the windows updates KB961260 & KB960715 which came out on tuesday helped fix the issue for xp machines, however the vista machines seem unaffected.  Placing the site into the trusted zone of ie in vista seems to allow it to login. 
> Has anyone else experienced issues like this since these updates?  Currently my workaround recommendation is to switch to ff/safari/chrome! 
> regards, 
> Markr 

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