[TYPO3-english] rgsmoothgallery: Title and description on every picture

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Feb 11 15:59:06 CET 2009


> I'm new at this list, but I need your help.
> I want to add a title and description on every picture I show on my 
> smoothgallery.
> I have an example for that, look at: 
> http://www.rggooglemap.com/en/dev/rgsmoothgallery/smoothgallery-with-a-cool-design.html 
> I also have seen the online manual on typo3.org, but I'm not conclusive 
> with that.
> Thank you for any advice.

There's a manual that comes along with the extension. I think it's quite 
clear how to achieve your goal.

Xavier Perseguers

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