[TYPO3-english] PowerMail Modification

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 11 08:59:57 CET 2009

I did manage to find out where this takes place, typo3conf/ext/powermail/pi1/class.tx_powermail_submit.php
I have to admit though its much more complex than I had thought it would be, I'm only a php novice, I wouldn't even know how to use my CRM's API if it were not for the example code they provided that does what I need to do...lol
That said, it looks like my easiest option my be to somehow supress the email sending and the database in a way where powermail won't have a fit then add my own function in that will get each individual fields entry and store it in a variable for me to pass into my API call.
Sounds simple on paper, or in this case on email but I need to know if anyone has any bright ideas that will make this easy, or better yet anyone want to make some extra money?  I can only set aside $50 to pay someone to do this but if you are willing I'd gladly have you do it and save me the headache. > From: rbilesky at hotmail.com> To: typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de> Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 21:58:30 -0800> Subject: [TYPO3-english] PowerMail Modification> > > I would like to modify the PowerMail extension so instead of emailing me the contents of the web form that has been filled out I want to have it intergrate with my CRM using the CRM's API. I got the API code, I just need to find where powermail sends the email and replace that code with my API call code. Anyone know where the sendmail code is in PM?> _________________________________________________________________> Windows Live™: E-mail. Chat. Share. Get more ways to connect. > http://windowslive.com/online/hotmail?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_HM_AE_Faster_022009> _______________________________________________> TYPO3-english mailing list> TYPO3-english at lists.netfielders.de> http://lists.netfielders.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/typo3-english
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