[TYPO3-english] RTE transformations for custom BE filed

Victor Livakovsky v-tyok at mail.ru
Wed Feb 11 08:15:30 CET 2009

Hello, list.

I'm trying to make an extension, wich will use RTE for editing contents 
of one of it's fileds.
At 'ext_tables.php' I have such lines:

$tempColumns = Array (
"tx_myext_text" =>$TCA['tt_content']['columns']['bodytext'],


But the contents of 'tx_myext_text' fiield aren't transformed and stored 
in DB as is.
F.e., links are stored in this way: <a class="internal-link" 
href="http://www.domain.tld/?id=6" rtekeep="1">dcd</a>
Not like: <link 8 - internal-link>link</link>

Where am I wrong? And where this 'rtekeep' parameter is taken from?

Thank you in advance.

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