[TYPO3-english] Domain records generate wrong links

Stefano Kowalke blueduck at gmx.net
Mon Feb 9 14:38:56 CET 2009


i have one T3 Installation, with a page tree how contains a website 
(www.horses.com). After configuring all the stuff, i copy the tree so i 
now have this structure:

Root(with the globe)
  |- horses
  | |- all the stuff (pages, SysFolders)
  |- golf
    |- same stuff as above(pages, SysFolders)

I configured my server with vhost. One domain called "horses.com" and 
the other one "golf.com", which both pointing to the T3 Installation.

Then i create a domain record to "horses" and one to "golf" with the 
analogous domains.

I modify config.baseURL.

If i now goto the pages in browser the website with horses runs well 
(this was the first i created.) but the golfsite (a copy of the horse 
tree) generate the wrong URL. T3 takes the pageID from the horse sitetree.

StartpageID from horse site was 19

Startpage from the golf site was 73

But TYPO3 generate this URL:

Is there a "secret" TS function?

I set config.baseURL and config.absRefPrefix for every domain.

Thanks in advance

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