[TYPO3-english] huge Realurl and cache db tables!!!

Dmitry Martynenko dima at realt.by
Fri Feb 6 10:12:46 CET 2009

Hi Dmitry,

>> i was just wondering if it's normal that realurl has so many big tables
>> (for a medium size website):
>> tx_realurl_chashcache 276,825 rows - 26Mb
>> tx_realurl_urlencodecache 15.000 rows - 12Mb

DD> Hard to say. It depends a lot on the extensions you have. For
DD> example, if you have cal, there will be huge number of links in for cal in both tables.

The biggest RealURL table we have is tx_realurl_urlencodecache
After clear all caches it again has more then 500 000 records in a week.

We can't have less URLs, because we have 15000 objects displayed in
single view * (2 variants of view) * (2 for print view) + edit links +
delete links and so on.

But I noticed that tx_realurl_urlencodecache table has field internalExtras.
It used to store optional information about FE or BE user and for url_hash calculation.

But it leads to (records * 2) again and only store value, never reading it!
Generates URLs are the same: (id=flats&unid=91086) == (sale/flats/object/91086/).
For example:

url_hash  origparams  content  page_id  tstamp  internalExtras
2bc33f02b040385732f140310366d2c2 id=flats&unid=91086 sale/flats/object/91086/ 76 1233838407
e619ee389d4f442c7871db9eaf06c877 id=flats&unid=91086 sale/flats/object/91086/ 76 1233661167 a:1:{s:7:"feLogin";i:1;}

May be it is kind of "unused" feature?
And avoiding of it can improve RealURL and TYPO3 performance?

Dmitry Martynenko

Web: http://realt.by

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