[TYPO3-english] [nc_ttnews_mostpopular] Most popular list disappear using tt_news pagebrowser

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 21:24:25 CET 2009

> The plugin uses tt_news to show most popular news. When you go to the next page for the main tt_news plugin, all other instances of tt_news on this page think they should also show that page.
> I have a fix but I do not remember how well it is tested. If you want this unofficial fix, send me an e-mail.

I have 3 news record in the website and i set to show max 2 news in each 
page. My most popular had to show the most X popular where X > 3.

Well, after i click the browser link to go to the "second" page ( i mean 
the "less new news" page) i show the one remaining new. So, if i have 
understood your answer, my most popular should at least show 1 most 
popular news, but it's empty. Empty mean that lack the content but all 
the warpping code of the CE is there. It's:

<!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:9/list [begin] -->
<a id="c9"></a>
<!--  Plugin inserted: [begin] -->
<div class="news-list-container">
	<div class="news-list-browse"></div>
<!--  Plugin inserted: [end] -->
<!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:9/list [end] -->

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