[TYPO3-english] different stylesheet when contentfield is empty

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff vsbies at wp.pl
Wed Feb 4 10:29:21 CET 2009

Stephan de Bruin pisze:

> I thought it did the trick, but it seems like it didn't. I can;t use a 
> check on the database to see if there is nothing in the middle column, 
> because there is always a banner showing.
> Any ideas?

As I assume you are placing banner just by putting CE (content element) 
in the column... you can insert it via TypoScript - into your template, 
so then there will not be any content with colPos  = x, and you'll have 
your banners displayed still.

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff
a.k.a. Marek Krawczyk (original)

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