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Peter Russ "peter,russ" at 4many.net
Wed Feb 4 01:22:19 CET 2009

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Absender:   Steffen Müller
Datum:       04.02.2009 00:53:
> Hi Peter.
> On 04.02.2009 00:22 Peter Russ wrote:
>>> On 03.02.2009 23:28 Steffen Müller wrote:
>>> btw. you could alternatively use pagebrowse extension, which produces
>>> accessible HTML (without tables) and is much more configurable.
>> 1) Where is that information from: table = not accessible?
> Semantically the page browser is kind of a menu or list. So why use
> tables? In terms of tables, page browser would be number of result pages
> with ONE single row. The data in the columns all serve the same
> purpose/meaning. That's totally nonsense an therefore not accessible,
> because the form does not reflect the content.

Sorry this was just a honey pot ;-)

>> 2) It's just a question of TS ;-) IMHO extension it not required!
> Well, the question was to find a documentation. The extension ships a
> good documentation. So why not use it as it could be the economic way of
> solving the issue?

So we do agree that with the default function you can display an 
accessible page browser when you provide the appropriate TS ;-)
No question about the manual.


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