[TYPO3-english] Problems accessing flexform values from second pagetype (mvc with lib/div)

Peter Russ "peter,russ" at 4many.net
Mon Feb 2 15:38:27 CET 2009

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> Hey folks,
>         we've been trying to solve the following problem for around two
> days now and can't get it done. Can anyone help us? Situation:
>         We have the following TS[1] defining a second pagetype for ajax
> requests. In our controller we have an ajaxAction() for it, responding
> just fine. Now we needed the storageFolder from flexform, and we found
> out that it's in $controller->configurations if we call the controller
> from the default pagetype and it's not there if we call it with
> type=552.
>         Why is that and how can we solve it? We tried to look around in
> Elmar Hinzs efaq-Extension and built it like he did but this introduced
> complexity and didn't solve the problem for us.
> Thanks a lot
> Andy
> [1] http://pastebin.com/m146c5d91

Where does this come from:


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