[TYPO3-english] Replace & to & in menu

Daniel Huf dhuf at cross-systems.com
Mon Feb 2 11:45:20 CET 2009


I'm generating a HMENU with a TMENU, I'd like to replace the & char with 
the & because I get an XML error on validation.

The correction from the system is done for the link title, but not for 
the link content.

So I tried to use the "parseFunc.short". It's working for any character 
instead of "&".

NO {
       wrapItemAndSub = <li class="first">|</li> |*| <li>|</li> |*| <li 
       subst_elementUid = 1
       ATagParams = class="no" id="page{elementUid}"
       ATagTitle.field= subtitle // title

       stdWrap.parseFunc.short {
	& = &amp;
	et = &amp;
	and = &amp;

Is there a way to replace the "&" or is it protected ?


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