[TYPO3-english] logoff function in class.t3lib_userauth.php

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Dec 26 12:04:25 CET 2009

Pero Matic schrieb:
> Hi. Does anybody know why logoff function from class.t3lib_userauth.php is 
> called on every page. Shouldn't this only be called when FE user wants to 
> logout? Thx!

It only gets called if you are not logged in while browsing the FE or if
your session has timed out. This is to just make sure any eventually set
login sessions will get deleted if you have logged out.

If you do want to take any action on "real" logoff's in one of the logoff
method hooks, you could simply check if the GET variable "logintype=logoff"
is set. If this is the case it is a logout requested by the browsing user.


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