[TYPO3-english] translating lots of files fast

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Dec 26 11:45:30 CET 2009

Henjo Hoeksma schrieb:

> I am wondering what the best way is to localize extensions used in the
> frontend in about 15 languages.
> For content the L10N Manager will be used, but to my knowledge this
> doesn't localize the extensions.
> Normally I use the llXML extension to do this. I am wondering though
> what the best way will be to offer the XML files to the translation agency.

Theres an extension "llxmltranslate" It allows you to translate the llxml
file of installed extensions.

I guess you would not like the translation agency to work on any already
fully translated extensinos, etc. So I guess it would be the easiest way to
set up a complete new TYPO3 instance, simply install/copy over all
extensions you would like to have translated, install the llxmltranslate
extension and create a BE user account for the translation agency, only
giving access to the "llxmltranslate" module, or admin rights if they are
required to have access to this extension - I do not know right now. But if
you have moved all this to a small TYPO3 installation just for translating,
it wouldn't matter to give them admin rights.


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