[TYPO3-english] my extension and image link params

Roberto Torresani erreti at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 10:45:00 CET 2009

Hi all!
I'm writing a my extension and now I should insert a image with params in
the link (to use with perfectlightbox).

I look in mailinglist and manual for a solution, but without success.
My code is the follow. The params is rel="lightbox[lb6]" and I try to insert
in two different (wrong) method:

foreach ($imgs AS $image) {
  $lconf["image."]["file"] = "uploads/tx_tnavv/".($image);
  $lconf["image."]["altText"] = $image;
  $lconf["image."]["file."]["maxW"] = intval("280");
  $lconf["image."]["file."]["maxH"] = intval("180");

  $lconf["image."]['imageLinkWrap'] = 1;
  $lconf["image."]['imageLinkWrap']['enable'] = 1;
  $lconf["image."]['imageLinkWrap']['typolink']['ATagParams'] =
  $theImgCode = $this->cObj->IMAGE($lconf["image."]);
  $allimages[] = $theImgCode;

$imgZoom = $this->conf['zoomimage.'];

$confZoom['enable'] = '1';
$confZoom["linkWrap"] = 'rel="lightbox[lb6]"';

$markerArray["###PHOTO1###"] = $this->cObj->imageLinkWrap($allimages[0],
"uploads/tx_tnavv/".$imgs[0], $confZoom);

Where I could found manual about this issue, or if someone give me the
correct script.

Thanks for all tips.


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