[TYPO3-english] 4.2.10 Install Toll problems

Christian Tardif christian.tardif at servinfo.ca
Tue Dec 22 04:24:25 CET 2009

Philipp Gampe wrote:
> Am 17.12.2009, 13:47 Uhr, schrieb Victor Livakovsky <v-tyok at mail.ru>:
>> Hi, List!
>> I have a problem, that appears from time to time at different TYPO3 
>> installations after upgarde from any 4.2.x to 4.2.10.
>> Install Tool becomes unaccessible, pop-up window appears every time, 
>> when I enter correct password and press 'Log In', and after that I 
>> can see same login form.
>> Password is correct and non-default, cookies enabled. If I change 
>> core to 4.2.8 - this problem don't appear.
>> Maybe, I missed something? Or it is some core issue?
>> Thank you for any help.
> had had this problem while massing with session handling in php.ini :|
> (for testing via .htaccess)
> php_value session.use_trans_sid 0
> php_value session.use_only_cookies 1 

Hi Phil,

While that seems to fix the session / cookie issue, it doesn't fix the 
fact that I can no longer gain Install Tool access in 4.2.10. Typo3 does 
not seem to look at the ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL file at all. The problem is 
somewhat weird. I have many Typo3 installations on my server. So I did a 
lookup on the server to find out where was the NO_ACCESS message (You 
know, the *The Install Tool is locked....*). I know it should be in 
typo3/install/index.php. So I tried to get rid of the protection for a 
little moment (just to be able to do what I need to do), and it doesn't 
even seem to use this file... On every installation, I changed the work 
"locked" to "unavailable"...  I'm still getting the "is locked" message. 
I'm not using any kind of proxy, I flushed my local cache, I restarted 
Apache, so it shouldn't be... (I suspected that I might have a 
cross-link between all my typo3 versions, which I proved it wasn't the 

So how do I make the Install Tool work again?



*Christian Tardif*

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