[TYPO3-english] sys_be_shortcuts

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Sun Dec 20 17:52:16 CET 2009

Op 20-12-2009 11:51, ben van 't ende schreef:
> On 19/12/09 16:12, Philipp Gampe wrote:
>> Am 19.12.2009, 15:22 Uhr, schrieb ben van 't ende<ben at typo3.org>:
>>> Hey,
>>> In TYPO3 version 4.3 the shortcuts (to pages and content elements) in
>>> the menu
>>> topbar do not seem to be there anymore. Is this configurable from
>>> version 4.3
>>> on? Any ideas?
>> I can still see them, maybe you have to create one first (my Icon is
>> next to logoff button)
>> Best regards
>> Phil
> Hey Phil,
> I used to have quite some shortcuts already in those installations. Now I also
> do not seem to have the possibility to create a shortcut anymore. There used to
> be this icon for that too, which now seems to have vanished mysteriously as well.
> gRTz from a snowy Netherlands
> ben

Hi Ben,

I've a brand new installation.
 From the admin point of view there are a lot of icons in the top right 
On the first (top) row there is an shortcut icon between the logout 
button and the flush cache button. This button shows the shortcuts. If 
you have no shortcuts, it's a small tooltip.
In the page property mode as well in a content element is on the second 
row a shortcut button (create a shortcut) beside of the full screen button.


Kind regards,

Daniel Doesburg

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