[TYPO3-english] IE8 loosing login session - in both FE and BE

Sune Vestergaard sv at typoconsult.dk
Fri Dec 18 12:23:19 CET 2009

> Are you sure that you've set the Compatible-flag correctly?
> Have you tried
> Header set X-UA-Compatible "IE=8"
> in .htaccess?

Yes - X-UA-Compatible "IE=8"

Also tried IE=7 and other combination (simulate). Using the header results 
in the "Compability button" in IE to disapear, so I am quite sure that IE 
understands that part as espected. However my problem is not affected.

IF I aviod Ajax requests - I can nagivate and change pages after logon 
forever. On the first Ajax request - I am out :(

Best regards,
Sune Vestergaard

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