[TYPO3-english] tt_news not sorting correctly - a bug?

La Farge Douglas doug at gcnpublishing.com
Thu Dec 17 21:05:25 CET 2009

Since upgrading to 3.0.1 we've noticed that there is a problem with the sorting with tt_news. This happens in different installs (sites) of Typo3

In LIST mode I have:
order by: Date/Time
Ascending or Descending (LIST & LATEST):Descending

So what the above settings use to do is make it so new news article would appear at the top of the list/latest.

This isn't happening.

When I go in and create a news article (uncheck hide, give it a title, give it some body text, assign it a category, save), it ends up at the END of the list.

Even if I go in and change Descending to Ascending the ordering does not change.

I went to test the above settings in LATEST mode but ran into a problem (that I've seen before) where the page through links don't work (no matter what page I attempt to page through to LATEST mode displays the first 10 (out of 900) articles.  As an aside, is this also a bug? I see this behaviour with tt_news 2.5.2 on another site but for that site I just set all containers to LIST and forgot about the problem.

Did tt_news 3.0.1 change the date field it uses to sort?  In the past it used the Date/Time: field displayed in the flex-form for a news article record.

Sorting does seem to work correctly on the back end (If I change Date/Time: field for my latest (test) record it moves around in the BE.

This is a major problem for us. I'd consider downgrading but I don't believe that is easily possible since database records were changed with the upgrade (or is it easily possible?).

thanks in advance,

Doug La Farge
GCN Publishing, Inc.
Internet Design, Development and Consulting For Today's Media Companies
203.665.6211 x209

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