[TYPO3-english] Check if an area doesn't contain elements

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Dec 17 11:10:11 CET 2009

>> @Tapio: As long as you stay on the same page with your checks, most
>> of the TypoScript stuff will be working as expected even with TV,
>> since "current" contains the necessary information.
> if "current" contains in this case the necessary information, then it
> is useful.
> But that may not help, if you for some reason would change the order
> of elements.
> Anyway the problem of templavoila is that the position of elements in
> the page is not stored into the table 'tt_content', when essential
> information about if a content area has elements or not is in two
> tables (tt_content and pages).

This is not about sorting but about checking if there are elements at all.
And the information if an area has got elements is available via pages only.
In tt_content you can just find a value for "pid" to make sure the element
is related to a particular page.
But this doesn't necessarily mean that it is used in any area, since it
might be a "non used element".



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