[TYPO3-english] Check if an area doesn't contain elements

Loek Hilgersom hilgersom at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 16 21:48:43 CET 2009

Hi Jeppe,

What you have to do when using TemplaVoila is this:

- edit the DS of your TV template and find the part with the right 'area'. Take 
out the Typoscript part and replace it with this:
	10 < lib.field_bottomleft

(where field_bottomleft is the name that 'area')

- now you can fill this part from your TS templates:

lib.field_bottomleft = COA
lib.field_bottomleft {
   10 = RECORDS
   10 {
     source.current = 1
     tables = tt_content
     stdWrap {
       required = 1
       wrap = <!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin--> | <!--TYPO3SEARCH_end-->
       ifEmpty.cObject < lib.element1

That should do it. Of course this opens a whole new world of possibilities.... ;-)


Jeppe Donslund wrote:
> Oh, I'm sorry, my mistake.
> In TemplaVoila i have made an Element. The editing type is "Content 
> Elements". It is this element I would like to check if it contains 
> anything.
> If I should use your example I should make it editing type "TypoScript 
> Object Path", right?
> But if I do that I can't put anything into it on the page and your code 
> will always return content_id = 49.
> Does it make any sense?
> Jeppe

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