[TYPO3-english] Powermail specific from address AND send mail to supplied email in form

Maria van der Laan mavala at lycos.nl
Wed Dec 16 13:16:59 CET 2009

Hi all,

I am using TYPO3 4.2.6 and powermail 4.1.15

Powermail is a real cool tool!
But I am running into a little problem, which I found no solution to, from  

My mailserver just sends mails if I set the right "from address".
This is not discuss- or changable.

In the powermail plugin I go to tab "sender", and there I go to dropdown  
"Senders email address".
Here I choose the hidden field.
Now mails are sent, and that is ok, like it is, because from address is  

But now, I also want to send an email to the guy who filled out the  
formular, and supplied his email address in the form.

Where do I do that?

I first tried instead of the  hidden field to take the email field.
But then the mail was not send because of the wrong "from" address.

Any hints or suggestions?


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