[TYPO3-english] Use Template from starage folder.

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at think-open.at
Sun Dec 13 15:56:41 CET 2009

Flemming wrote:

> when I create a new site, I can’t get it to use the storage folder from 
> its own structure that its set to use, but instead it uses a template/DS 
> from another site on all the pages/subpages, if I however move the hole 
> site/structure into another site everything works fine, I think 
> something is set to overrule somehow, but I can’t find it, It doesn’t 
> make any sense to me, so if anyone have a clue …pleas help.. Thanks

Hello !

First I assume you use TemplVoila ;) Else you wouldn't have DS/TO. First 
check the rootline from the page for which you want to set a new DS/TO 
if any of those pages has set the General record storage page.

The rootline means to check the page on which you are going to set the 
DS/TO, then its parent page, etc. Usually such a setting overrules 
settings of its parent page.

Another possibility would be, that on some of the pages in the rootline 
you have a TSConfig setting:

# 123 = Storage Folder
TCEFORM.pages.tx_templavoila_ds = 123
TCEFORM.pages.tx_templavoila_to = 123


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