[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 TCEFORMS in own extension

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at think-open.at
Sun Dec 13 15:47:57 CET 2009

Kay Strobach wrote:
> Hello CoreDevelopers,
> until TYPO3 4.3 i used some code to get TCEForms in BEModules of my 
> Extensions. With 4.3 there were several problems with that way.
> Ergo it's impossible to save the data.
> What has changed in 4.3 => is there a new way to use tceforms in TYPO3?
> I remeber a list entry and a related discussion.

Hello !

I do not know how you handled the data submitted from the TCEform, but I 
assume you used t3lib_tcemain for this. It is better to use 
typo3/sysext/cms/tslib/class.tslib_fetce.php instead.

Probably this can solve your problems.


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