[TYPO3-english] EXT:piwikintegration

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Sun Dec 13 14:21:43 CET 2009

Hello Steffen,

One tip:
to get a better performance

> It would be great, if the path to piwik could be configured in EM.
please put it in the bugtracker on forge

Please explain exactly for what you need that feature.
For the current idea of a piwik integration that doesn't make sense.
As there are requirements like:
  * TYPO3 Access to the database
  * known Table prefixes for TYPO3
  * user sync -> (table access)
  * siteid sync -> (table access)
  * fe widgets -> (table access)
  * planned myDashboard integration -> (table access)
  * modifications to the piwik menu (need path to be writeable)

> I think I'll try it in a test installation again without using our
> live-piwik-version.

please do it - and send me some feedback please.

>> There is currently a known problem:
>> siteid's are only created, when a user visits the be module. This will
>> be fixed soon.
> What does this mean? Stats are count for the wrong site, if user never
> visited BE module?

As i now piwik should ignore the tracking request only. But i haven't 
tested it yet. I will put the fix to svn this week, it's not so hard to 
fix - (Just two sql requests). But it should be done only if cache is empty.

Best regards


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