[TYPO3-english] EXT:piwikintegration

Steffen Gebert steffen at steffen-gebert.de
Fri Dec 11 23:14:09 CET 2009

Hi (Kai),

we use piwik since some time in parallel to Analytics to track our  
visitors. Unfortunately, I found no time to get in touch with piwik in  

Do you think, the following situation can be handled with piwikintegration:

* Some hundreds of BE users administer their own site (1 user per site) in  
our (one) TYPO3 installation
* Half of them have own domains, rest uses the domain of the superior  
association (town, county, district..)
* Hierarchical organization is reflected in our page tree
* Every user should be able to see his piwik stats

We have in Frontend:
* Rootpage-ID of the current site, saved in a Constant (maybe this could  
be used as the site-id? This set is for every site, independent of having  
an own domain or not)

We have in Backend:
* Emmm.. the current selected page id :)
* User has one single DB-mount with its site

Because of the high number of users, it's a requirement to not have any  
manual configuration - neither at the setup of piwik for all of them, nor  
at creation time of new users :)

Thanks for your reply - the project sounds very promising!


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