[TYPO3-english] Loss of contents in ext. ke_troubletickets

Christian Buelter buelter at kennziffer.com
Fri Dec 11 13:35:48 CET 2009


This is fixed in current version.

I don't have any other reports about that. Please open a ticket:



Am 02.09.2009 10:50, schrieb [ CAnet ] Alessandro Canè:
> hi everybody,
> with ALL the browsers, I've noticed that if I insert a value for "related
> tickets" when editing a ticket, this value will be lost AFTER THE
> SECOND TIME (the first time I re-open the ticket the value is still
> existing) I re-open that ticket for editing. It shows up like if no ticket
> was associated, how comes?
> MORE: when in tickets list view (in the front end), ONLY IE7 browser, looses
> the options that have to be shown in the drop-down filters (Status,
> Responsible, Closed in, Billing and Category)
> Does this happen only to me?
> thanks a lot
> Alessandro Canè

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