[TYPO3-english] what extension to use to give every custumor his own "MyPages" on a site

H.E.Weenink | Aristo WebDesign h.e.weenink at aristo-webdesign.nl
Sat Dec 5 16:25:54 CET 2009

Hello list, 

I am in search for a solution for this question: 
- I have a website and want to give every custumor his own pages for:
+ details on the products they bought
+ personal assistence 
(a bit like your own pages on ebay or other trade website. 
No problem to build this all manual: 
FE-user login, etc. but is there a way to do this with extension and have it automated, so it generates the pages with correct personal details??
Met vriendelijke groeten, Eef
Aristo WebDesign
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