[TYPO3-english] v4.3: String Comparisons using Fluid IfViewHelper seem not to work correctly

Christine Gerpheide cgerpheide at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 20:07:44 CET 2009


I'm relatively new to Fluid and I'm having trouble doing string comparisons
with the IfViewHelper.  I would like to be able to evaluate a condition
"{foo.title} == 'Test Title'" .  However, this seems to always return true
instead of evaluating the left against the right.  Is this the correct

These conditions return true, when I wouldn't expect them to:

<f:if condition="9 == '8'">
<f:if condition="'snth' == 'aoeu'">
<f:if condition="snth == aoeu">
<f:if condition="{foo.title} == 'Test Title'">

Anyone know how I can do this (particularly the last one)? I am using Fluid
1.0.2 and Extbase 0.9.11 on TYPO3 4.3beta1.

Thank you!

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