[TYPO3-english] Author image in tt_news

Tim Wendisch t.wendisch at rothfeld.de
Fri Dec 4 17:31:28 CET 2009

You could simply use the extension wt_directory in combination with 
It is possible to choose an entry of tt_address as author for a news entry. 
This tt_adress entry includes a picture, so it should be possible to be 

Greetings tim

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> Betreff:    Re: [TYPO3-english] Author image in tt_news
>> Hm, can you send it to me (orcalator at gmail.com), i'm currently running 
>> tt_news 2.5.2? I suppose you added author image field to the news record 
>> and made some ###author_image### marker for template? Thx!
> Done ;-) 

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