[TYPO3-english] powermail problem after upgrading to 1.4.17

Sebastiaan de Jonge dejonge at redkiwi.nl
Thu Dec 3 13:38:25 CET 2009


Unfortunatly you can't, for some reason this is now hardcoded into the plugin. I think there is a bug out for this on forge.typo3.org but not sure.

Kind regards,

Sebastiaan de Jonge

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 Dear list,

I have upgraded poermail to  1.4.17.  After up-gradation  the  "form"
field has been changed !!!  Before it was  noreply at mydomain.com and the
related setting is

` ` `
plugin.powermail.email.noreply = noreply at mydomain.com
` ` `

But now the form field is taking the sender address ( through which I
get notification ) like

powermail <username at mydomain.com>

How to modify the typoscript to get back the noreply option in "FORM"
field ?


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