[TYPO3-english] Configure Typo3 4.2.10 to work with php safe_mode=on

De Contardi Riccardo Riccardo.DeContardi at bhuman.it
Wed Dec 2 15:35:53 CET 2009

Hello everybody. I've an urgent problem:

I need to turn on the "safe mode" in php.ini (safe_mode = on) (I know, I know: it's deprecated since php 5.3, but I use 5.2.4
on a Linux enviroment), but...doing so Typo3 (ver.4.2.10) is not able to find some essential external programs that allow it to work properly, i.e. sendmail image magick (maybe even catdoc, xlhtml, ppthtml, pdftotext, pdfinfo, too: actually, I haven't checked yet)

I was not lucky searching a good online documentation on this topic, so can anyone help me to find out how to configure T3 to cohexist "safely" with "safe mode"?

My configuration is the following:

allow_url_fopen = off
open_basedir = /var/www/asseprim:/tmp:/var/lib/typo3_src-4.2.10:/usr/lib/sm.bin
safe_mode = on
safe_mode_gid = on
safe_mode_include_dir = /var/www:/tmp:/var/lib/typo3_src-4.2.10:/usr/lib/ImageMagick-6.3.7:/usr/sbin/sendmail:/etc/alternatives/sendmail:/usr/bin/catdoc:/usr/bin/xlhtml:/usr/bin/ppthtml:/usr/bin/unrtf:/usr/bin/pdftotext:/usr/bin/pdfinfo

Thank you in advance

Riccardo De Contardi


B Human Srl - www.bhuman.it

Via Canzio, 15 - 20131 Milano

Tel +39.02 20 23 271 - Fax +39.02 20 240 561

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