[TYPO3-english] mod.SHARED.colPos_list not working for user

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Wed Dec 2 09:01:32 CET 2009

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Absender:   Gunnar Jonsson
Datum:       01.12.2009 23:28:
> I have inserted the following into the user tsconfig, but that does not 
> help. The user still cannot create elements in the right column. If he 
> tries to create the element in the right column, typo3 saves it in the 
> normal column.
> User tsconfig:
> mod.SHARED.colPos_list= 0,2
> mod.web_layout.tt_content.colPos_list=0,2
> regards, Gunnar Jonsson

PLEASE read and understand HOW TO enable write access (ENABLED FIELDS) 
for a group or user in the settings.


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uon GbR

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