[TYPO3-english] mod.SHARED.colPos_list not working for user

Gunnar Jonsson gu-jonss at online.no
Tue Dec 1 21:35:06 CET 2009

That is the big question, something is preventing the user to create 
elements in the right column. But what kind of parameter in the User 
Tsconfig is giving a user permission to create elements in other columns 
than the Normal column? At least mod.SHARED.colPos_list is not enough to 
give that permission.

Regards, Gunnar Jonsson

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>> Yes, the user is allowed to select new elements in the right column, but 
>> when saving it, it is saved in the normal column. However, if the element 
>> is already created in the right column, the user could change the element 
>> and save it, and then the element is saved in the correct column (right 
>> column).
> Is there any User-TSconfig presetted forcing the creation of new elements 
> in the normal column?
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