[TYPO3-english] FCE with repetitive data object causes weird problem

J list at rootmedia.dk
Sat Nov 29 15:35:52 CET 2008


I have created a FCE with repetetive data.(TYPO3 4.2.3)
One of the fields is a element with editing type set to "Rich text 
editor for bodytext"

When I add this FCE to a page the flexform will not display field "Rich 
text editor for bodytext" as i should, instead it is displayed as a 
"Text area for bodytext".

When I hit "save" or "save and close" i get and alert box saying "Your 
login has probably expired.
Do you want to refresh it now?"

Choosing  cancel in the alert box and the data is saved. When I reedit 
the element, to add more data, some of the fields in the flex form are 
now blank.
When i check page in front end, all data is there?

I have created other FCE with a field set to "Rich text editor for 
bodytext", not with repetetive data, and there are no problems.

So this problems only occurs when I have a field set to "Rich text 
editor for bodytext" in a FCE with repetetive data.

Note: I have tried to change the "Rich text editor for bodytext" to 
"Text area for bodytext" sam problem

If i delete the field with editing type set to "Rich text editor for 
bodytext" i dont get the alertbox on save and the element is working as 
it should.

I have made some screendumps to illustrate the above:

I have recreated the FCE from scratch but the problem still remains.

Any suggestions on how to fix this.

Jacob Schmidt

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