[TYPO3-english] Problem with colPos related definitions

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Fri Nov 28 12:01:45 CET 2008


Sorry, that I create a new topic, which relates with an old issue but I 
regarded better to create a new.

I have this TS config:

temp.customRenderImage = CASE
temp.customRenderImage {
   key.field = colPos
   default < tt_content.image.20
   0 < tt_content.image.20
   0.maxW = {$styles.content.imgtext.maxWNormal}
   0.maxWInText = {$styles.content.imgtext.maxWInTextNormal}
   3 < tt_content.image.20
   3.maxW = {$styles.content.imgtext.maxWBorder}
   3.maxWInText = {$styles.content.imgtext.maxWInTextBorder}
   23 < 3
tt_content.image.20 < temp.customRenderImage

That works as expected if the content type is 'image' and it doesn't 
have any side effect, if the content type is 'text'

The problem is that using text with images content type,
the content from the 'bodytext' field would not be rendered at all.
What I should do another way in order to avoid the nasty side-effect of 
this defintion.

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