[TYPO3-english] Trouble implementing tt_address...help??

Thomas Lunde tlp at netimage.dk
Fri Nov 28 11:51:21 CET 2008

I have a site, where there is a set of countries and each country 
contains a set of employees...thats my start :-)

I have installes the tt_address module, and activated it in TSconfig.
Furthermore, I have made a sysfolder named tt_address, where data about 
the countries and employees are stored...

After this I would like to see some kind of output on my site, and I 
have added the address module on a testsite, but I dont see nothing?? 
What am I doing wrong?

I have read that I need to make a template for the listing of countries 
and employees, right? But I dont know how to make this template, so I 
can see some output on the page. And I dont know where to store this 

So Im kind of stuck at this moment :-)

Can anybody help me from where I am at this moment?

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