[TYPO3-english] Using different domains depending on subsite I'm in

Sergio Catala scatala at iti.upv.es
Fri Nov 28 10:32:06 CET 2008


I've got the next configuration in my page tree:

|-- Root
	|-- Main (domain: www.main.com)
	|-- Forms (domain: www.forms.com)
	|-- Associates (domain: www.associates.com)

Every subsite of the "Root site" has itw own domain. Everything works ok
but I would like the next behaviour now:

|-- Root
	|-- Main (domains: www.main.com & www.testing.com)
	|-- Forms (domain: www.forms.com)
	|-- Associates (domain: www.associates.com)

I mean: every subsite of the "Root site" has itw own domain except "Main
site", that contains two (www.main.com & www.testing.com). 

I just wanna go further: if I'm surfing inside the "Main subsite" I
would like to use the domain "www.testing.com" for menu links but if I'm
surfing outside this subsite (I mean: Forms and Associates), I would
like to use the domain www.main.com. I think it's a little bit
complicated to explain. I think my TS config is right, because
everything works perfectly: menus from "Forms subsite" or "Associates
subsite" that link to "Main subsite" use the www.main.com domain now. I
want to keep this behaviour. But if I'm inside "Main subsite" I want the
links to use "www.testing.com". That's what I want to get.

I've been suggested to do an if-else construction, something like that:

[globalString= IENV:HTTP_HOST = http://www.main.com*]
[globalString= IENV:HTTP_HOST = http://www.forms.com*]
[globalString= IENV:HTTP_HOST = http://www.associate.com*]

But I don't know the sentence to use the specific domain for every

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, 

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