[TYPO3-english] How to make menu from one section display in another?

Nate Russell webmaster at int-res.com
Wed Nov 26 15:26:00 CET 2008

I have 2 sections of my site. Journals and Abstracts
In the side menu under Journals, there are the following,


In Abstracts there are contents pages and abstracts for each of the Journals.


Is there a way I can set up the subsections inside Abstracts so that they have the same menus as the 
subsections in Journals?

Basically, I want the side menu on this page...

to look like the side menu on this page...

I keep Abstracts separate from Journals due to size (over 7,000 pages) and permissions (Editors can 
edit pages within Journals, but not all within Abstracts).

Is this at all possible? If so can somebody please point me in the right direction?

Thank you,

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