[TYPO3-english] real url tt_news issue

Atul Shinh atul at srijan.in
Wed Nov 26 14:03:32 CET 2008

Hi all,

I am using '*aeurltool' and '**realurlmanagement' for real url configration.
It is working fine for rest of the site but for tt_news I am not able to get
tt_news single view. Single page url is like this

where 'first'  is first level page and 'sub1'   is second page where tt_news
single view will be shown and
is news title (concatinated with ".html") .
What parameters needs to be added and if so then where?

I read some posts and tried them but they didn't worked out.
One was by Georg Ringer which mentioned this :-
*$linkConfig['additionalParams'] =

deleting the L parameter and everything is fine

but where should I try this thing.

Thanks in advance.


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