[TYPO3-english] yafi: subtitle and bodytext of imported items is always cropped to 120 chars

Bert Hiddink hiddink at bendoo.com
Mon Nov 24 10:12:14 CET 2008

Hello Dimitry,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes, you're right, the restriction seems to be at the RSS end. Several 
sites "crop" their titles/description there, fe:

Nothing to be done then!

Thanks again!


>> everything is fine except that both subheader and description ("short"
>> and "bodytext"-field) in tt_news gets cropped to 100 chars, ignoring the
>> configuration option for this in the importer: "Crop subheader to this
>> many chars:"
>> As a result, both the subheader and description-field looks like this:
>> "Netbeheerders worden verplicht om duurzaam opgewekte elektriciteit met
>> voorrang over de netten te tr"
>> Do I miss something here? And why both fields (short, bodytext) are
>> cropped (subheader makes sense to me but description not)?
> Please, check if your feed provides full text. Feeds often provide
> only a small part of the text to encourage people to visit the web
> site for the full story. You can view feeds in FireFox, for example.


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