[TYPO3-english] good typo 3 hoster

Peter@Eifel typo3ng at alinbu.net
Mon Nov 24 08:22:56 CET 2008

Jonas Kaiser schrieb:

> Anyways, I know that I won't get the stuff I look for for 5€ but I thought
> 15€ should be doable as I've seen many offers for around 20€ but they
> included loads off junk "features" which I don't really need (and also huge
> amounts of email mailboxes which I don't really need either). The problem I
> see is that the bigger packages are often scaling on all aspects while I
> only would like to have better specs on some of them (and thereby cheaper).

Hi Jonas,

the "loads of junk features" are what people want (to see but actually
don't need). Besides: these features are not the ones that make hosting
expensive. Really expensive is neither the webspace nor the traffic.
Processor power and RAM (what TYPO3 needs) are the features making
hosting expensive. You get hosting offers with a load full of your "junk
features" for 1-2 EURs a month, but you will never get a good hosting
for a system that needs enough RAM and processor power to run smoothly
for a low price.


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