[TYPO3-english] Which extension is close to do that?

Ronald Wiplinger (Lists) ronald_lists at elmit.com
Sat Nov 22 04:17:39 CET 2008

I need to have a form, which takes data.
These data should be put into a database / table (should I use the same
database as typo3????)
The front end user should be able to fill out these forms, and should be
able to edit his filled out forms.

The data format is something like:
a. key (alpha numeric
b. classification code
c. short description
d. some other fields
e. longer description
f. upload of pictures

further I need to "mix" all these data and create a pdf file

I am sure that does not exist, but which extension would be a good start
with that?

Is there a good tutorial how to create own extensions?



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