[TYPO3-english] Inconsistent Typoscript behavior in TemplaVoila FCE?

Lukas Mattsson lukas at antroposofi.info
Fri Nov 21 15:49:06 CET 2008

I have a mysterious problem with displaying a frontend plugin in a 
TemplaVoila flexible content. In this scenario, I want to set a 
parameter (image.width) to a plugin, from the field field_image_width.

To check if the field value is actually feed to TemplaVoila, I feed the 
  field to a TEXT object as well.

Here's the code
10 < plugin.tx_julleevents_pi1
10 {
	image.width.field = field_image_width
20 = TEXT
20.field = field_image_width
20.wrap = <p>|</p>

The TEXT object (20) display the field_image_width correctly as it is 
set, but the plugin object (10) fails to get it, and use the default 
value from the template typoscript instead. But if I type something like 
"image.width = 100" in the plugin object, it works. But I don't want a 
fixed number, I want the field_image_width value.

Do I need to append some magic words to the value assignment, or do I 
need to modify the extension to make it ready for proper functionality 
in FCE's?

Best regards, Lukas

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